Motherhood maligned: Left takes cheap shot at Ann Romney

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 at 8:27 am

When has attacking a spouse’s wife ever worked? It didn’t even work when the wife was (as she once insisted on being called) Hillary Rodham. So who in their right mind would attack Ann Romney, the beautiful, gracious wife of Mitt Romney who raised five sons and survived breast cancer — all the while struggling with the challenge of multiple sclerosis?

As a man (who, coincidentally, is also married to a woman with MS), I find what women do every day impossibly hard work. And if given the choice of staying home with my kids all day, every day without a break vs. being beaten once an hour with a 2-by-4, I’d be heading to the lumber yard right now.

And I’m pretty sure I’m in the male majority on that one.

So I assumed a political pro like Rosen would admit her mistake and apologize. I was wrong. Instead she’s dug in to defend her comments, telling Ann, “I respect you, but your husband shouldn’t say you are his expert on women and economy.”

Why not? Why is Ann Romney’s view on the economy less valid than, say, Hilary Rosen’s? Well, it’s because of how she lets Mitt treat her:

“[Mitt] seems so old-fashioned when it comes to women,” Rosen said in that same CNN interview. “That’s going to hurt him over the long-term because he doesn’t really see us as equals.”

See? If a man and a woman decide that he should work outside the home and she should work in the home, well . . . I mean c’mon. What’s next — home schooling and endorsing Rick Santorum? No decent woman would see that as “equal” — right, Ms. Rosen?

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