Mostly Peaceful SF Occupiers Hurl Bricks and Bottles at Police

Posted by on Jan 21, 2012 at 11:43 am

The criminal mob organized by the Democratic Party threw another temper tantrum in San Francisco on Friday, and sure enough the media regurgitates the same nonsense about these losers being peaceful and the mob numbers being less than expected. No wonder even the mother of the movement, Nancy Pelosi, is distancing herself from these losers.

Lots of rain. Lots of noise. Few arrests, and smaller crowds than expected.

All in all, Friday’s big Occupy movement attempt to shut down San Francisco’s Financial District was a mixed success for the protesters who led it – and something of a relief for those who had feared it.

Occupy San Francisco organizers mustered several hundred participants for their all-day protest against economic inequality, and as they marched throughout downtown staging rallies and skits and civil disobedience, they did manage to slow traffic and force a couple of businesses to shut down, including the headquarters of Wells Fargo Bank.

Unlike some major Occupy actions last year on both sides of the bay, nonviolence prevailed – although tensions between police and protesters flared after night fell as activists briefly occupied the vacant Cathedral Hill Hotel on Van Ness Avenue. Two officers were injured by thrown objects there, and at least five people were arrested before the demonstration ended around 11 p.m.

Can someone please explain to me how police being injured by these thugs is nonviolence?

Not only are the violent, they’re completely delusional.

Organizers said they were happy the daytime demonstrators, which ranged from union members and longtime protesters to students and retirees, got their point across.

“It’s a respectable crowd for a lousy weather day,” said Bishop Joey of the First Church of the Last Laugh, a comedy troupe. “You know that for every person here there was someone else who would have been here and 10 who would have liked to have been here.”

Wait, what? For every person there someone else would have been there and then 10 more who wanted to be there? What the hell is this idiot babbling about?

As night fell, the remaining 200, mostly young protesters gathered outside the empty Cathedral Hill Hotel at Van Ness Avenue and Geary Street and were met by police in riot helmets. Some activists threw bricks and bottles, injuring two officers, one in the chest and one in the arm. At least two protesters were then arrested.

OK, so now the criminals are merely activists.
Geza Polony of Oakland, who joined the protests in the afternoon, said he was pleased the daytime actions had been nonviolent. Throughout the day, activist monitors in orange vests sought to calm protesters who did such things as pound on glass doors.


6 Responses to “Mostly Peaceful SF Occupiers Hurl Bricks and Bottles at Police”

  1. Ozzy Osbourne on 21/21/12 at 2:05 pm

    I’m starting to tire of these stories. In the sense that if the authorities aren’t going to do anything about the Occuslobs, it’s time to get a militia together or something. This is way beyond ridiculous.

  2. Fuzzlenutter on 21/21/12 at 6:40 pm

    I do believe Ozzy is correct.

    It’s way past the time to eradicate these diseased degenerates and derelicts by any means necessary…

  3. P. Aaron on 22/22/12 at 11:58 pm

    Makes me wanna do something really wild like knock over the Green Peace table at the Susan Sarandon film festival.

  4. jukin on 23/23/12 at 2:12 pm

    Thank Allah that it was not korans they were assaulting the police with or they would be in some real trouble.