Mostly Peaceful Occupy Bomb Plotters Sentenced to Prison

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Conveniently, CNN omits any mention of the Occupy movement in this story. Move along, nothing to see here.

A self-described anarchist who calls himself “Cyco” got an 11-year prison sentence Tuesday for his role in a failed attempt to blow up an Ohio bridge.

Authorities say the mohawk-wearing Douglas Wright was the suspected ringleader of the plot. He and co-conspirators Brandon Baxter and Connor Stevens set their sights on the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, officials say, which spans the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and carries a four-lane highway.

Baxter, a.k.a. “Skabby,” was sentenced to more than nine years in prison; Stevens got eight years. The sentences were announced in federal court in Akron, Ohio.

After an undercover operation, the FBI arrested the men April 30 in what the agency termed an act of domestic terrorism. The men later admitted their roles in a plan to remotely detonate improvised devices containing C-4 explosives. Authorities said the defendants had considered several targets during a period of several months before settling on the bridge connecting Brecksville and Sagamore Hills in Ohio, not far from Cleveland.

Heck, it’s not as if the Occupy movement tried to even distance themselves from these maniacs. Heck, one of them even signed a lease for a warehouse to be used by Occupy Cleveland. But in CNN’s world, none of these facts matter.


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