Moochelle: Hey, Hasn’t Barack Done a Great Job Lawlessly Working Around Congress?

Posted by on Oct 03, 2012 at 1:19 pm

She obviously doesn’t have a functional understanding how our form of government works.

Well, we’re understanding that, you know, you can have a president you love, but if you don’t have a congress that’s willing to work, you know, you wind up stalled in so many ways. And I think that Barack has done a phenomenal job working around a congress that has never been willing to help move the country forward on so many different issues. But I think he’s done everything humanly possible to get things passed around the margins. But, you know, just imagine where this country will be when we have Barack Obama as President and we have a congress that’s ready to work hand-in-hand, and willing to compromise to make sure that this country moves forward for everyone.

You know, Mooch, he did have that in 2009 and 2010, in case you weren’t aware, as well as the Senate all four years.


One Response to “Moochelle: Hey, Hasn’t Barack Done a Great Job Lawlessly Working Around Congress?”

  1. Chipperoo on 3/03/12 at 5:27 pm

    Here’s a one word description of what Mooch is saying: Tyranny

    “Working around Congress” is a euphemism for ruling without regard for the law, issuing edicts, decrees and ukases and backing them with raw force.