Michelle O: Choom-Sucking Obama Wasn’t a Heavy Smoker

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Yeah, except for heavy amounts of marijuana and decades of cigarette smoking, he’s totally clean. And it was the children who helped him or something.

Mooch tells this tall tale to the sexually explicit website she’s now working for, so perhaps they also indulge in fantasy.

In an interview with iVillage.com, First Lady Michelle Obama explained that President Obama quit smoking because of his children, not just for his health.

The first lady said that Obama used himself as an example to the girls that as why they shouldn’t start smoking just because “its cool” and explained to them that the habit was hard to break. President Obama quit smoking in 2011.

Actually, she claimed he quit in 2010, although this 2010 story said he was still smoking.

Knowing this crew he’s still sucking them down regularly. Now word if he’s still smoking weed, but judging by his policies that’s a distinct possibility.

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