Media Spin: Occupy Terrorists ‘Not Violent’; AP Still Calling Them ‘Activists’

Posted by on May 21, 2012 at 1:09 pm

The media’s continuing to spin these domestic terrorists as mostly peaceful and today bring us some more pap from their fellow “occupiers” about how they would never have anything to do with violence.

The last place where their friends in the Occupy Miami movement saw Jared Chase and Brent Vincent Betterly was at an apartment building that authorities here condemned last week, five days before the young men became two of Chicago’s “NATO 3” terror suspects.

Chase, Betterly and others in a small splinter group of activists flocked to the dirty, graffiti-marked apartment block in this city’s poor Overtown neighborhood in early February, after police ended a 108-day-old Occupy encampment next to the county government building in downtown Miami.

They dubbed their new settlement “Fort Peace” and lived rent-free thanks to landlord Rodrigo Duque, a 33-year-old Colombian immigrant who insisted everybody call him “Senor Paz” — Spanish for “Mister Peace.”

Cook County authorities say Chase, 27, Betterly, 24, and a third man, 22-year-old Brian Church, met in Fort Lauderdale. The three — now being held on $1.5 million bond each — drove to Chicago last month and planned to firebomb President Obama’s campaign headquarters and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s North Side home in addition to Chicago police stations and squad cars, authorities charge.

Can you imagine the wall-to-wall coverage the story would be receiving if “right-wing extremists” threatened to bomb Obama HQ? The hysteria would be mind-numbing. Heck, every time we have a staged noose-hanging incident (funny how those hate crimes are never solved) there’s a week of national hand-wringing.

Prosecutors say Church asked fellow protesters if they had ever seen “a cop on fire.” And Chase, a New Hampshire native, posted on his Facebook page while living in Florida: “Miami has the most crooked cops in the country. We should execute them before they do something we’ll regret,” according to Manchester Union Leader.

Sure sounds peaceful and nonviolent, huh?

Kevin Young, an Occupy Miami activist who visited Fort Peace on Sunday afternoon, described the two as “serious about the movement.”

“They wanted more organization and they wanted to effect change,” Young said. “That’s not at all to say they were for using violence. Jared especially seemed to be open to an electoral-like approach.”

Organization and change? Hmm. Sounds familiar.

Chase and Betterly were part of the original Occupy Miami encampment that began downtown here in mid-October and ended with a police raid on the night of Jan. 31. Although activists say there was drug use and incidents of violence between protesters, they recall no major confrontations with police until their eviction.

A few hours before the eviction, Chase told a local television station that he and his fellow protesters do not condone “violence and things like that.”

Except for the planned firebombings.

Meanwhile, the AP continues to call these terrorists activists. It’s too absurd.

Prosecutors charged two more activists Sunday with crimes tied to the two-day NATO summit, accusing one of saying he wanted to blow up a downtown Chicago bridge and a second with seeking to build pipe bombs.

Using this logic, I guess you could say Timothy McVeigh was a successful, mostly peaceful activist.

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