Maybe We Should Ban Liberal Sentencing Laws

Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 at 8:32 am

For all the clamor from the left to abolish gun ownership, maybe we ought to have a look at lenient sentencing laws. At least a few people would still be alive today. Let’s start with this mutant who killed someone early Monday. He was convicted of  killing a man in 2008 but since he was a “youth” at the time, he served less than nine months behind bars.

Guess he wasn’t rehabbed.

A shooting at a VIP nightclub in an upscale Seattle suburb left one man dead and hundreds of parties – including reality star Aubrey O’Day and most of the Seattle Seahawks team – diving for cover.

Police say a 19-year-old smuggled a handgun into the Munchbar club in Bellevue, Washington, and opened fire about 1am on Monday – killing a 30-year-old man and shooting a second man in the hand.

The suspect, Ja’mari Jones, is on the run and considered armed and dangerous.

He has already killed once before. Jones was convicted in 2009 of the high-profile, brutal beating death of ‘the Tuba Man,’ a beloved Seattle street musician. Because he was 16 at the time, he served less than 36 weeks in juvenile detention.

Going to go out on a limb here and surmise he’s not legally in possession of firearms.
Meanwhile, across the country, this animal, already convicted of murder, killed two fireman early Monday.
The gunman who ambushed four volunteer firefighters, killing two, in upstate New York had spent 17 years in prison for beating his grandmother to death with a hammer in 1980, police said.
A shame he didn’t get the death penalty back then. Those firemen would be alive today.

William Spengler opened fire on the volunteers as they responded to a blaze just before 6 a.m. ET in a small cluster of homes along Lake Ontario in Webster, N.Y., police said, rocking this close-knit community.

The 62-year-old convicted felon had apparently set a trap, luring in first responders and then firing on them from atop an earthen berm.

“It does appear that it was a trap that was set,” said Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering, his voice breaking at times. “People who get up in the middle of the night to fight fires, they don’t expect to get shot and killed.”

Two repeat killers, three people dead. But hey, it’s all those law-abiding gun owners out there that are the problem, right? Maybe we should have a “national conversation” about liberal sentencing laws


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