Massachusetts Democrats Select Fauxcahontas to Face Scott Brown

Posted by on Jun 02, 2012 at 5:18 pm

She was selected, not elected.

Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren today crushed immigration lawyer Marisa DeFranco’s hopes for a Democratic primary election, nabbing 95.7 percent of the state Democratic convention delegate vote which will keep DeFranco off the ballot, leaving Warren to turn her attention to incumbent Republican Scott Brown.

After the results were announced, Warren downplayed the notion that a primary could have helped her prepare for Brown.

“I’m ready, you bet. I’d love to see some debates with Scott. Let’s get started on this. I’m ready.

DeFranco said she was frustrated that the Democratic process was cut short.

“The primary process exists. If we don’t want to have a primary, shut it down,” said DeFranco, who received hugs from supporters on the convention floor as the results rolled in.

I’d question their judgment, but then again these people elected Ted Kennedy seven times after he left a woman to drown.

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3 Responses to “Massachusetts Democrats Select Fauxcahontas to Face Scott Brown”

  1. Blue Hen on 4/04/12 at 10:16 am

    Hmmmm. Fellow Taxachoositz Democrats we are faced with a choice here today:

    We have two lawyers. One is a seemingly hard working lawyer that specializes in immigration law, which the state and national party are seeking to champion. And she’s untouched by scandal or bad press, thus far.

    Or, we could go with a multimillionaire that deals in home foreclosures, stock portfolios and a six figure salary while SIMULTANEOUSLY prattling on about eeevvviiil banks and the Occutards (until they started setting up rape tents) and who goes through ethnic affiliations and stories like Quigley goes through pick up lines.

    In the proud (?) traditi0n of our state party, let’s pick the latter!!