Mainstream Scream: Matthews on Obama’s Fluke call

Posted by on Mar 13, 2012 at 7:39 am

Said Matthews, “I think the call from the president to Sandra Fluke will be remembered perhaps not as dramatically as the call from President Kennedy, then Sen.-Kennedy to Mrs. King, to Coretta King after her husband was hauled off into the backwoods of Georgia in Shackles, but it will have a character to it that people will remember.”

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: “To place Obama in JFK’s league is the ultimate tribute the MSNBC host can offer. It certainly encapsulates Matthews’ ‘thrill up my leg’ grandiose view of Obama–comparing a call to a civil rights leader threatened by physical violence to a politically-opportunist call to a woman famous because of an insult.”

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