Madeleine Halfbright: ‘Obama has worked day and night to restore America’s international reputation and leadership’

Posted by on Sep 06, 2012 at 7:23 pm

Of all the insipid email pitches these loony Democrats send, they’re really going to even try and tell us Obama is some sort of foreign policy master? Please.

Every new president inherits headaches, but when President Obama came to office, he inherited an entire emergency room.

After eight years of Republican foreign policy mistakes, President Obama has worked day and night to restore America’s international reputation and leadership.

Now, he is running into opposition from the same misguided politicians who led America into disaster under President George W. Bush. We need to speak up, fight back, and give President Obama the support he must have to succeed.

The DCCC has set a goal of reaching 250,000 supporters saying that they are standing with President Obama before the end of the Democratic Convention.

Yeah, good luck with that. They couldn’t come close to filling Bank of America Stadium, but tomorrow we’ll get a followup on what a wild success their pitch was.

Meanwhile, Obama simply handed to keys to Hillary Clinton, who so happens to be about 10,000 miles away tonight.

She closes with this Axelrod-ian drivel:

President Obama is the leader of his generation. He has the capacity to think in 21st Century terms. But he cannot lead America boldly in the right direction without the support and encouragement of Democrats like you.

Yup, he’s a leader alright.

“They struggled for almost an hour with three votes, trying to put God into their platform. If you’ve ever seen a demonstration of an Obama-led incompetency, it was on that floor yesterday. This crowd can’t run a one-car funeral, they can’t manage a lemonade stand and they certainly screwed up the presidency,” he said.

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