MA Governor Orders Roads Paved Near His Berkshires Mansion in Advance of Moochelle Fundraising Visit

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 at 7:38 am

The Boston Herald is calling him Mr. Smooth.

Deval Patrick’s office personally asked town officials to dispatch road crews this week to fill potholes near his Berkshires mansion to pave the way for a smooth ride for first lady Michelle Obama when she hits the Bay State for a presidential fundraiser at the governor’s getaway next month.

Richmond Town Administrator Matthew Kerwood said a staffer from the governor’s State House office called this week and asked him to plug potholes on Cone Hill Road, which leads to Patrick’s Sweet P Farm, where he’s hosting a $20,000-a-seat dinner on Aug. 3 with the first lady for the Obama Victory Fund.

“They just mentioned the condition of the road and requested if it could be addressed,” said Kerwood. “I said, ‘OK, we’ll look at it.’ ”

The little people have to drive over the potholes, but we just can’t allow Mrs. Obama’s lavish limo to be inconvenienced. She might decide she’s no longer proud of America.

“It’s not a big deal,” said Webber. “A couple of tons of blacktop, a couple of hundred bucks.”

That’s some pretty cheap blacktop.

But some of Patrick’s neighbors rolled their eyes at the effort to ensure Michelle Obama avoids a bumpy Berkshires ride.

“The roads are fine,” said Jim Sacksteder, 67, who lives on Patrick’s street. “I’m sure (Michelle Obama’s) got shock absorbers. It’s unnecessary.”

“They’re like natural speed bumps,” said neighbor Karen Andrews, 55, who worried about tar fumes. “I’m chemically sensitive. … I don’t want it paved. It makes me ill.”

Patrick makes me ill.

“Why not just pave the road in gold?” said GOP operative Rob Gray. “It’s only the taxpayers who are paying to make sure the first lady has a smooth ride. This is the public works equivalent of saying, ‘Do you know who I am?’ ”

Said Republican consultant Rob Willington: “He’s valuing Michelle Obama over the taxpayers of Massachusetts. The people of Massachusetts should be able to depend on their roads being fixed without a visit from special dignitaries.”

Howie Carr, of course, offers his two cents.

Imagine if Mitt Romney as governor had called up the town manager of Wolfeboro, N.H., and asked that the road to his lakefront digs be repaired so that he could entertain … Laura Bush.

At $20,000 a head.

Squirrelly trust-funded demonstrators would have converged on Lake Winnipesaukee, brandishing hand-lettered signs.

“Romney Lied, My Prius Died.”

“8/3 Pothole Repairs — An Inside Job.”

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