Lupica: Ryan a “Zealot” and “Child of Privilege” Who Appeals to the “Obama-Hating Fringes”

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 at 10:12 am

Geez, Lil’ Mikey, could we shoehorn any more Obama talking points into this drivel?

Here is what really happens now that Mitt Romney picks Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate: Romney gives the hardliners in his party, and especially its Obama-hating fringes, the candidate they really want.

The Obama-hating fringe, also know as the majority of the country.

The guy running for vice president becomes the guy the modern Republican Party wishes were running for President.

This is Ryan’s party, not Romney’s. The Republicans never wanted Romney, it’s why everybody except Dwight Eisenhower became a front-runner in the early innings of this campaign. No matter how Tea Party tough Romney tried to talk, they could never forget the moderate Romney was as governor of Massachusetts.

They wanted a zealot like Ryan. Now they’ve got one. Already you hear that Romney picks Ryan to be his game changer the way John McCain picked Sarah Palin. But there is a difference. Palin only played the part of an ideologue, like a part she was playing in the school play. Ryan, a child of privilege from Wisconsin no matter how much he tries to sound like some blue-collar kid, really is one.

Unlike blue collar Mike Lupica, who lives in a Connecticut mansion and who’s too chicken-shit to even open the comments for his so-called columns.
And no matter how much back-tracking Ryan tries to do over the next weeks and months, it all starts with a vision of the country that involves him, Paul Ryan, out of Janesville, Wis., part of the founding family of that town, wanting to throw out about 75 years of social services in this country first chance he gets, tell you all about how Medicare and Social Security ought to work.
It’s quite obvious nobody on the left has any intention  of reading Ryan’s Medicare plan, but it does not affect anyone over 55. But why bother with the facts when you can simply regurgitate Obama talking points? It’s a lot easier than doing any actual research.
This all comes from someone who has never had to worry about a job or paycheck or health care for a day of his life, someone who read the complete psycho-babble of Ayn Rand as a kid and never got over it, who thinks he’s John Galt in “Atlas Shrugged,” actually talking about individualism vs. “collectivism” with a straight face.
It’s a safe bet Lupica never read Ayn Rand. Too many big words in there for him probably.

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3 Responses to “Lupica: Ryan a “Zealot” and “Child of Privilege” Who Appeals to the “Obama-Hating Fringes””

  1. Iowa Jim on 13/13/12 at 11:23 am

    Ryan a child of privilege? It doesn’t look to me as if he had a deprived childhood (his father was a lawyer), but his father died when Ryan was sixteen (evidently Ryan found his father dead in bed), which can’t have made matters very easy. Ryan attended a public high school, and the Miami University, which is a fine school, but not what I’d call a bastion of privilege, e.g., one of the Ivies, Stanford, etc.

    Sounds like a middle- or upper-middle-class upbringing to me. We’re not talking about Al Gore or John Kerry here.

  2. Blue Hen on 13/13/12 at 12:57 pm

    This is the same jerk that vilified the Duke lacrosse team based on trumped up crap. He can go to Hell.