Look for the Union Label; If You Can Read, That Is

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Coming on the heels of today’s leftist violence in Michigan with protests attended by many teachers, it’s worth noting how pathetic a job the unions have been doing educating the helpless children of that state, and in particular the wasteland that is Detroit.

In the public schools in Detroit, Mich., according to the U.S. Department of Education, only 7 percent of the eighth graders are grade-level proficient or better in reading.

Some public school teachers in the City of Detroit and around the state of Michigan are reportedly taking a vacation or a sick day today to protest right-to-work legislation likely to be approved by the state legislature. Under current law, Michigan public school teachers must pay dues to the teachers’ union. If the right-to-work law is enacted, Michigan public-school teachers will be free to join the union and pay dues to it if they wish, but they will also be free not to join the union and not to pay it dues.

Detroit public-school eighth graders do even worse in math than they do in reading, according to the Department of Education. While only 7 percent scored highly enough on the department’s National Assessment of Educational Progress test in 2011 to be rated “proficient” or better in reading, only 4 percent scored highly enough to be rated “proficient” or better in math.

Just a wild hunch, but we’re pretty sure the kids would be much better off home-schooled or being taught by non-union (read: competent) teachers.

2 Responses to “Look for the Union Label; If You Can Read, That Is”

  1. train to nowhere on 11/11/12 at 4:11 pm

    All the teachers who called in “sick” to attend the thugscrum over the right to work law should be fired. The union label is a hammer and sickle on a red flag.