Lizzie Warren Taking the Low Road

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 at 7:54 am

Got that, ladies? Forget Brown’s record, forget his denunciation of this Akin dope, forget how he’s actually lived his entire life: Scott Brown hates women! He’s soft on rape! Run before he molests you himself!

This is how low Liz Warren is willing to go, how much of her own dignity she’s willing to destroy, just to — as her campaign put it in a fundraising mailer — “win back Ted Kennedy’s seat.”

Ah, yes, Ted Kennedy. The exemplar of the virtuous treatment of women . . .

So let’s re-cap the 2012 election thus far:

Scott Brown — Friend of the rapist. Mitt Romney — Kills women with cancer. Paul Ryan — Don’t leave him alone with your grandmother if you ever want to see her alive again.

Is this what Hope and Change 2.0 looks like?

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