Lizzie Warren Disappears From Lizzie Warren Ads

Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 at 6:54 pm

This is a unique strategy, although by shutting up she might actually be doing everyone a favor.

After months of misfires and lackluster TV ads, Elizabeth Warren has discovered a new and innovative way to communicate with voters: Don’t talk.

Warren, who for the last year lectured voters incessantly about the “hammered middle class,” has all but disappeared from the airwaves in her latest round of ads. If it weren’t for the obligatory “I approved this message” disclaimer, you probably wouldn’t hear her at all.

This is a blatant strategic admission by her campaign that voters haven’t really warmed to the Harvard Law professor, and probably never will, at least not in a Scott Brown kind of way. The latest polls show Warren’s favorability still below 50 percent, pretty much unchanged from six months ago.

So, gone are the millions of dollars of mind-numbing monologues by Warren talking directly into the camera. Instead we’re getting testimonials from tough-talking boxing trainers who look like they just stepped out of a bad “Rocky” sequel.

Warren’s Senate campaign now is all about the blue-collar voter. In a suspiciously well-lighted speech in Dorchester on Thursday, a very expensive camera and boom microphone followed the Cambridge Democrat as she interacted with union carpenters. Warren even picked up a baby — who immediately started crying.

Maybe she needs a makeover as well.


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  1. Blue Hen on 17/17/12 at 9:55 am

    They should send out her hubby and his beer botle. Has he figured out how to open the damned thing yet?