Light Pole Kills SUV, Jason Kidd Slightly Injured: ‘When I see an accident that bad, I expect at least serious injury, if not death’

Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 at 12:49 pm

In case you missed it last weekend, the latest addition to the New York Knicks celebrated in the Hamptons by getting blind drunk and driving his Escalade into a pole at 60 MPH. Apparently Kidd was so shitfaced he didn’t even know what had happened.

JASON KIDD’S late-night DWI crash turned his Cadillac SUV into a full-court mess.

Photos of the crumpled car showed how lucky the 39-year-old point guard was to escape alive from the scary late-night wreck in the Hamptons.

The hood was peeled back from the 2010 Escalade’s frame, with the vehicle’s windshield shattered and a driver’s side mirror dangling limply.

The right front tire sat flat on the ground beneath a snarl of twisted metal — twin reminders of Sunday’s 1:56 a.m. wreck in the Hamptons that snapped a wooden utility pole in two.

“That’s really his car? Wow,” said one NYPD vet who has 15 years on the force and has seen his fair share of car accidents. “I can’t believe Jason Kidd actually survived that. When I see an accident that bad, I expect at least serious injury, if not death.”

Kidd, who told cops that he “had a few drinks” before the wreck, was treated and released for minor injuries at Southampton Hospital.

Kidd should send a check to the inventor of the air bag. Oh, and try calling a fucking car service next time you get bombed, asshole. Well, on the upside, this is Kidd’s first brush with the law in some time, since he was last arrested for beating up his ex-wife when he was with the Nets. I cracked wise with the headline, since every time someone is killed in an accident by someone driving an SUV, the media has the uncanny knack of saying someone was killed by the SUV. Anyway, until today I hadn’t seen a photo of the wreck. This vehicle is pretty much unrecognizable.

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