Libyan Extremists Plan Execution of a Dozen Gay Men

Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 at 1:15 pm

So how’s that Arab Spring coming along these days?

Extremists say they will execute a dozen men they allege are homosexuals, whom they abducted last Thursday at a private party in Tripoli’s Ain Zara district.

A body calling itself the ‘Private Deterrent Force’, which is believed to be part of the extremist Nawasi militia group, has posted images of the men on their Facebook page. One picture  shows them, heads covered, standing with their hands against a wall.

At the time of writing, the picture had received 315 ‘likes’ and had received comments such as “flog them hard”, “lets see the bullets”, and “ride them like camels”.

Accompanying text describes the men as “the third sex” and says that they are to be mutilated and executed.


3 Responses to “Libyan Extremists Plan Execution of a Dozen Gay Men”

  1. MT Geoff on 26/26/12 at 4:43 pm

    This is worse than the article portrays. Groups like this will scoop up whomever they think to be “gay” — anyone who sets off the “gaydar”. As a thin, neat, single guy when I was younger (I am less of each of those now), I can tell you that prejudice against those perceived to be gay can be dangerous to people who aren’t.
    I have great fears that men, and occasionally women, will be killed because of perception and with no respect for evidence. It’s happened before. It should be a warning that prejudice is ugly wherever you find it, and uglier sometimes than others.