Leadership Failure

Posted by on Nov 05, 2012 at 7:40 am


In press briefing after press briefing, Mayor Bloomberg rattles off data points in the same tone and spirit in which he announces he’s closing off Park Avenue to vehicular traffic for a fun Sunday in August.

The information, both inane and important, is intended to create the impression of action, that his “good plan” has been carefully conceived and is all going according to schedule. That’s very nice for him, and he always seems to end his briefings with a sense of satisfaction.

But the true human disasters in the city have been taking place in Staten Island and the Rockaways, and along the Brooklyn shore — and aside from mentions of the horrible fires in Breezy Point, you simply would not have known it until the media began reporting on it three days late.

The infrastructure crisis is real and dealing with it is pressing, but it isn’t really his job; the MTA transportation system is independent of the mayor and so is Con Edison.

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