It’s Come to This: “Dogs Against Romney” Protests Outside Westminster Dog Show

Posted by on Feb 14, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Here the folks from the Westminster Kennel Club are simply trying to hold their annual event at Madison Square Garden and some liberal freakazoids show up to protest. Why? Because Mitt Romney once put his pooch on top of the car back in 1983.

Yes, really. It’s been a weird obsession of yellow-toothed New York Times hack Gail Collins, and apparently some oddballs are carrying it even further.

So today a group that claims an alleged 25,000 members held a protest in New York, and a whopping 12 people showed up, not counting media.

A protest outside the Westminster dog show aimed at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney drew about a dozen demonstrators Tuesday, plus a few pooches.

The half-hour lunchtime demonstration in front of Madison Square Garden took issue with Romney’s oft-told story of traveling with his Irish setter, Seamus, on a family vacation in 1983. Romney has said he put the dog inside a crate and strapped it to the roof rack for a 12-hour drive from Boston to Canada.

Protest spokeswoman Kitty Hendrix said the Dogs Against Romney website that organized the demonstration has about 25,000 members. The protesters held signs that said “Mitt is Mean” and “Dogs Aren’t Luggage” and “I Ride Inside.”

The Westminster Kennel Club event is the most prestigious dog show in America and draws 2,000 entries. Hendrix said her group didn’t want to interrupt Westminster.

“We’re just using this as a backdrop,” she said.

A few curious passers-by stopped to talk to the protesters, but none of the champion dogs walked by.

“Dogs don’t vote!” hollered one man in a hurry.

Al Alvarez held a sign in one hand and the leash to Petey the bull terrier in the other.

“I think Romney’s attitude toward dogs was indicative of his attitude toward the most vulnerable in our society,” he said.

We know virtually nothing about Barack Obama’s life until he magically appeared on the national stage and nobody seems to care. But let a Republican admit he put a dog on the roof of a vehicle 29 years ago and people are obsessing about it.


Since none of the media accounts of this farce will mention it, here’s a bio of Ms. Hendrix.

Presently, living in Hell’s Kitchen with boyfriend, political activist Alan Charney who splits his time between NYC and Washington DC, I also enjoy time spent with my daughter Danielle plotting career moves and discussing guys.

Who’s this “activist” Alan Charney? Thought you’d never ask.

Here’s the purpose of his activism.

Center for Democratic Values was created by Democratic Socialists of America to promote socialist views to the “mainstream”.

Looks like he’s succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. And what a wild coincidence, Charney was also on hand today.

“I mean, dog people are across the political spectrum,” said Alan Charney, an event organizer. “They’re on the left, they’re on the right, they’re on the center – everyone loves dogs, and politics has nothing to do with it. But I think that a lot of people who are vulnerable to Mitt Romney may give second thought to this if they’re dog lovers and know what happened.”

Update:  Sure enough, just as we figured there were more reporters than protesters. A damning indictment of media priorities if ever there was one.

A press release announcing the “Dogs Against Romney” protest promised a pack of ” passionate canines and humans,” however, when we arrived at Madison Square Garden shortly before the demonstration’s appointed noon start time, there were only two protesters carrying signs reading “Mitt is Mean” and “Dogs Against Romney.” Nary a dog was in sight, but the media was out in force. We spotted more reporters than we could count including representatives from the Huffington Post, Gothamist, Daily News, CNN’s “off-beat” correspondent Jeanne Moos and, of course, the Observer.

Take all those so-called media outlets and you could probably count on one hand the number of stories they’re reported on Fast and Furious.


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