How Cute: Occupy Oakland Schedules “F-ck the Police” Rallies

Posted by on Feb 02, 2012 at 9:20 am

Chief Community Organizer Barack Obama was unavailable for comment. He probably enjoys watching his mind-numbed zombies antagonizing the police.

Protesters arrested during an Occupy Oakland rally Saturday said they were abused by police, subjected to illegal mass arrests and suffered a litany of human rights violations while held at two county jails – which only strengthened their commitment.

Organizers held a news conference outside Oakland City Hall on Wednesday to denounce police and restate their goal to move into a vacant building. Members called for another demonstration Saturday night, the latest in what Occupy activists have dubbed “F- the police” rallies, as well as a march to a courthouse Monday.

“Even the people who suffered the most traumatizing experiences are back out here,” said Caitlin Manning, an Occupy Oakland member. “Santa Rita (county jail) spawns rebels. People who go through that don’t come out broken; they come out strengthened.”

They talk a tough game, yet after spending a night in jail they’re whining like sniveling little shits about human rights abuses. Pathetic.
Maybe they’ll have some “Free Moses” signs in support of their teen murderer.

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