House Intel Chair Rogers: Serious Implications in Highlighting the Anti-Islam Video in Light of New Benghazi Revelations

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 at 8:14 am

Six weeks after the terrorist attack in Benghazi and now we’re finally getting to the truth. The White House knew immediately what was going on and clearly conspired to cover up what happened. This is no longer debatable.

The serious implications here should result in Obama’s impeachment if by some strange development he actually wins in 13 days.

Did we say impeachment? Hell, yes. Richard Nixon was impeached and then resigned over a sloppy burglary coverup. Bill Clinton was impeached for sloppy blowjobs by a sloppy intern. None of Obama’s actions were sloppy. They were designed to lie to the public, which he’s done for six weeks now.

“What I believe happened, is that somebody saw something that they thought was the way that they wanted to talk about it, versus what the facts on the ground were,” Rogers said. “Because think about it, even when that narrative was starting to develop, oh, this was spontaneous, it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t really a terrorist attack.”

The Michigan lawmaker said that the e-mails, in conjunction with previous terror attacks on the compound, made it “really hard to come to this conclusion that was just spontaneous, and just kind of happened.”

Rogers went on to say there were serious implications in highlighting the anti-Islam video in the hours after the attack, as violent protests continued to spread around  the Middle East.

“It’s about the fact that decisions were made, big policy decisions, including elevating the video that, if you listen to those e-mail or read those e-mails, nothing about the video, it elevated the video and actually caused more protests across the Middle East,” Rogers said.

How much do you want to bet the “mainstream media” spends more time today tracking down a specious Gloria Allred tale than they do Benghazi?

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2 Responses to “House Intel Chair Rogers: Serious Implications in Highlighting the Anti-Islam Video in Light of New Benghazi Revelations”

  1. EsausMessage on 24/24/12 at 10:23 am

    I feel Benghazi is already dying because Mitt didn’t hit Barry right between the eyes on it Monday night.

  2. Rob roy on 24/24/12 at 12:24 pm

    Posted elsewhere:

    Given what we know now about Benghazigate, our dear leader could have acted in real time and tried to protect our people on the ground.

    Instead he acted like the celebrity candidate and had bigger priorities – getting to bed to get up early to go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

    Instead of acting like a leader, he shirked his duties.

    He could have been 15 points ahead of Romney in the polls – although he would have had to have answered for his negligence in protecting the Benghazi embassy in the first place – but people would have looked past that IF he had taken action during that attack.


    Re-elect Barack Hussein Obama?


    The man should turn in his resignation as a national disgrace.