Hostage Cory Booker Again Grovels for Obama

Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 at 6:39 am

Dude, your man card called. He’s just not that into you any more.

Booker also once again addressed controversial comments he made on a news show last month while serving as a surrogate for President Obama, statements which have reportedly torpedoed Booker’s shot at a post in the Obama administration.

“I wasn’t at my best” Booker said of his May 20 appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, where the mayor proclaimed himself “nauseated” by Obama ads attacking Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s career with a venture capital firm.

Taking issue with Obama’s absurd attacks on Bain? Booker’s fault. Notice we haven’t heard much about Bain of late, by the way.

The groveling continued. Must build up Obama.

Booker also said that he has since mended fences with Obama, who he said was “incredibly gracious about it and continued to be kind.”

How much more must this poor bastard be publicly emasculated?

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