Hope-less: Voters Gloomy on Obama’s Jobs, Gas and Debt Policies

Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 at 8:21 am

Remember when Rush Limbaugh famously said “I hope he fails” when asked about the prospects for an Obama presidency? Well, it sure looks like he has.

But it’s obviously racist or something.

The Hill Poll showed the starkest difference of opinion on Obama’s policies between white and black voters.

On every question, a majority or plurality of white voters said they expected Obama’s policies to fail — while a majority or plurality of black voters expect them to succeed.

• While 65 percent of whites said his policies would increase the debt, blacks by a 46-percent-to-39-percent margin said they would reduce it;

• While 61 percent of whites said they expect gas prices to increase because of Obama’s policies, blacks by 42 percent to 29 percent expect them to drop;

• While 50 percent of whites say unemployment will increase due to his policies, 72 percent of blacks say they think it will go down, and

• While whites by a 47-percent-to-33-percent margin say Obama’s policies will make the United States more dependent on foreign oil imports, 68 percent of blacks say it will make the country less dependent.

There also is a slight gender gap between men and women, although both concluded that most of Obama’s policies would be counterproductive.

Sixty-five percent of men thought his administration’s policies would raise gasoline prices and debt, while 55 percent said they would increase dependence on foreign oil and 52 percent said they would increase joblessness.

While women agreed, more of them were willing to give the administration the benefit of the doubt. Fifty-nine percent thought the national debt would increase under Obama’s approach, while 52 percent felt the same way about gasoline prices.

Now wonder they’re still going all out on the absurd “War on Women” theme.


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2 Responses to “Hope-less: Voters Gloomy on Obama’s Jobs, Gas and Debt Policies”

  1. Rlynh on 19/19/12 at 8:50 pm

    I expect there will be a lot of trouble in the black community, should Obama lost the election. At least until a real economic recovery sets in.