Home Schooling Gaining Momentum Among Black Families

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 at 7:46 am

You certainly won’t see any reporting on this matter in this country. Whether editors and publishers are afraid of being slapped by that same racist label they use so effectively to explain all of the ills befalling this country in the age of Obama, or the realization that they dare not speak against teachers least they suffer the wrath from the unions who love to get in your face, you have to go overseas to get any sort of coverage on these type of topics.

Until recently, home schooling in the US was mostly practised by white families, but a growing number in the black community are now also turning their back on the public school system and educating their children at home. Why?

“There were lots of fights and people getting shot,” says Sonya Barbee.

“It was just too much. To me, it’s not a good environment for a kid and even though I work full time, so it’s really hard for me, I still feel like it’s the right decision.”

There’s plenty of violence in our government schools, and whether imagined or real  the perception is that it is increasing. A lot of it is perception due to these stupid Zero Tolerance policies and how common sense is completely absent in the halls of academia nowadays. For those in some areas, however, the threat of violence is very real and not just at school.

It was not the violence, or even the fact that he was being bullied, that finally led to the decision to remove Copeland from his public school in what she describes as a “really bad area” of Washington DC, but the fact that he was “losing his love of learning”.

The failings of public schools have caused all of us, whether we are white or black, to come up with creative ideas about how we can educate children”

Now, with the help of her mother, who looks after Copeland two days a week while he works online, and a home schooling co-operative, she is hoping to “rekindle the fire”. She herself teaches him after work and in the holidays.
The next piece of information is sure to be a blow to all those “civil rights” icons, you know, the ones who only have a one-line resume. Jesse, Rep. John Lewis, Revrund Al et al.

“For the African-American community there was a huge amount of pressure against it, because in America, the grandparents of today’s home-schooled children fought for desegregation of schools. They thought, ‘The public schools are going to save us,'” he says.

But Dr Ray, who regularly interviews black home-schoolers as part of his research, says attitudes are changing fast – and it’s also a lot easier today for black families to try it than it was 20 years ago, he points out.

Take the time to check out the article. It is interesting in another regard. Unlike our press in this country, which is filled with mostly anecdotal stories and fuzzy she-said, he-said unnamed sources, they include such information. I’ll leave you with this quote.

For her, though, the main motivation was cultural – she wanted her sons to learn about their African roots and not “to believe that their history begins with slavery”.

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4 Responses to “Home Schooling Gaining Momentum Among Black Families”

  1. baldilocks on 15/15/12 at 2:31 pm

    The last quote is a good one. The idea that the entire beginning and essence of black Americans consists of slavery and oppression *and nothing else* is a huge part of the problem we see manifesting itself before our eyes.

  2. Phxkate on 15/15/12 at 2:36 pm

    I think this is a great development, and not just for the black community. When a parent decides to take his/her child out of the public school system, he/she exhibits a willingness to use independent thought and act on it rather than to passively continue within the current destructive status quo. Eventually, those who take such responsibility for themselves and their families will realize just how badly they have been manipulated by the cater-to-the-lowest-denominator, extreme leftist groupthink that permeates government-run educational institutions and our culture as whole. Such realizations will lead to action, even if that’s a simple change in voting habits. Hopefully this trend will continue, assuming the Obama administration and the teachers’ unions don’t exterminate it first.

  3. J.J. Sefton on 16/16/12 at 2:17 pm

    This is good news, unless black parents will continue teaching their kids the same old liberal lies that have destroyed their families and kept them in figurative chains for the past 50 years.