Holder’s Uphill Battle: Huge Public Support for Voter ID

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 at 7:18 am

The Post poll found support for voter ID extends far and wide.  Seventy-six percent of men support it, as do 73 percent of women.

Eighty-eight percent of Republicans support it.  Seventy-six percent of independents support it.  And 60 percent of Democrats — a solid majority of the president’s party — support it.

Seventy-eight percent of white people support it.  Sixty-five percent of black people support it.  Sixty-four percent of Hispanics support it.

Every age group supports it by more than 70 percent.

Every income group supports it by more than 70 percent.

Every educational group supports it by more than 70 percent — except those Americans who have gone to graduate school.  (They support it by 63 percent.)  Among those who have a high school degree or less — according to the Justice Department, the group that might not have a government-issued ID — support is at 76 percent.

All regions of the country support it, from 68 percent in the Northeast to 77 percent in the South.

The only group with whom voter ID has less than majority support is people who call themselves liberal Democrats.  Forty-eight percent of them support it, while 70 percent of people who call themselves moderate or conservative Democrats support it.  People who call themselves liberal or moderate Republicans support it by 80 percent, and people who call themselves conservative Republicans support it by 92 percent.

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