Historic: First Lady a Guest Editor for ‘Sexually Explicit’ Website

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 at 7:40 am

I just threw up a bit in my mouth.

First Lady Michelle Obama this week is serving as guest editor for iVillage.com, NBC’s “community of online women” that offers sexually explicit material, including graphic sex tips from prostitutes, “20  kinky things you SO can do,” and a list of “naughty” apps for mobile devices.

Michelle Obama is identified as a “Guest Editor” on all of the website’s pages, including several titled “Love & Sex.”  Video clips of iVillage interviews with Mrs. Obama appear on some of those sexually-oriented pages, although the first lady herself does not discuss sex.

One of iVillage’s “Love & Sex” pages includes includes advice on sex positions, complete with illustrations and detailed explanations on “how to do it” and “why you’ll love it.” A separate quiz allows visitors to find out “What Kind of Lover Are You?”

I’d suggest Mooch had no idea about any of this, but just took this gig to get more attention for herself and her husband’s flailing campaign. If her aides and the White House vetted this site and still proceeded it’s just another example of how desperate they are to spread the message in any forum available.


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One Response to “Historic: First Lady a Guest Editor for ‘Sexually Explicit’ Website”

  1. Blue Hen on 22/22/12 at 10:53 am

    Ick. If she’s a “guest editor”, then why are there only interviews? What editorial work is she doing? Or did she score another fake job?