“Hey, nice game. You killed it”

Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 at 8:43 am

Are you a cheesy slut looking to snag an NFL player? Helpfully, there’s a website offering handy tips on how to snag a baller.

Clubbing is another way to huddle up with a Giant, Ogbobu said.

She recommends trolling the Web to find the big game-week parties. There’s the $500-a-ticket Leather & Laces bash on Friday and the $1,100-a-head ESPN VIP soiree the following night in the Lucas Oil Stadium parking lot.

She also said Mr. Dan’s, a hot 24-hour food joint, is a likely location for an after-party pickup.

But how do you break the ice with a playah?

If it’s an actual Super Bowl participant you’re targeting, say, “Hey, nice game. You killed it.”

But, Ogbobu adds, “they’re not looking to have someone to have a conversation with.”

The best way to tackle a Giant, Patriot or other NFL hot shot is to do some pregame tweeting.

“These ballers — not all of them are very bright. They want to have a good time. Tell them you’re going to be there” on Twitter, she said. “They’re going to send you their telephone numbers.

“It’s that simple.”

If they’re smart enough to check this website, however, they may be on to them.

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