“He’s definitely cooler than Mayor Bloomberg”

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Who can the only politician be out there who’s more hip and cool than Mikey Bloomberg? I know you reflexively want to say Barack Obama, but that’s racist. No, it’s someone you haven’t quite thought of as he’s managed to fly under the radar somewhat in a state populated by freakazoid Democrats and assorted trainwrecks like Lizzie Warren. Indeed, the coolest guy around? It’s Mumbles Menino.

Brushed off as a hopeless square, Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday shot back at youthful swipes that he’s running an un-chic city hung up by fuddy-duddy late-night rules, saying he’s “hip” to what’s really important to young Bostonians.

And it appears the 69-year-old, five-term mayor has some stylish supporters in his corner.

“I’m hip at working,” Menino told the Herald yesterday. “What I understand people want in this city — the young people — they want jobs.

“I just spoke to 35 young people this morning. What were they talking about the most? Not about nightlife, but, ‘How do we get a job? How do we stay in the city?’ That’s the biggest concern.”

The Fashion Truck owner Emily Benson, 29, seconded the mayor, comparing him favorably to New York City’s big soda-hating honcho. “He’s definitely cooler than Mayor Bloomberg,” she said, citing Menino’s backing of mobile boutiques like hers. “For a city like Boston that can be unfashionable, it’s cool that he has a position that he’ll support.”

Bruins defenseman and National Geographic-dubbed “eco-warrior” Andrew Ference said he found Menino “super cool” after the two recently met for lunch in the North End to go over the city’s recycling efforts, the Hubway bike program and other green crusades.

“I don’t think he’s into indie rock bands we never heard of, or is going to any underground art shows, so he may not be some hipster. But he’s pretty cool for the stuff he’s done in the city,” Ference said.

“If you’re living in a really cool city that’s doing all these things and that’s pretty progressive, and he’s in charge, in my book, that’s pretty cool.”

How cool is Menino? He’s so tragically hip he’s even up to speed on the Boston Celtics. Well, almost.

Don’t believe this mumbling, bumbling idiot is cool? Let him tell you himself.

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