Heavily Slanted CBS Poll Gives Obama Narrow Lead in Virginia and Wisconsin

Posted by on Aug 08, 2012 at 7:57 am

Oddly, this poll actually sampled more self-identified Republicans in Colorado, where the breakdown is 32R/27D/37I, and Mitt Romney leads there by five points. We say odd because it’s so rare to see a polling outfit sample more Republicans than Democrats. But then they get back to some ridiculous breakdowns in Virginia and Wisconsin. In Virginia, a state that voted for Bob McDonnell they have an absurd 23R/30D/40I breakdown, which gives Obama a four-point lead.

Really, only 23% sampled are Republicans in a state where in the 2009 gubernatorial race the breakdown in CBS exit polling was 37R/33D/30I? And independents have decreased by 10%? Romney has a big lead among independents, but they’re sample is also significantly lower.

So we’re to believe in three years the electorate has shifted from 37% Republicans down to 23% and indys are down 10%? It’s nonsense, especially when you consider McDonnell’s approval rating is 60%. This is just manufacturing news to make it appear Obama has a shot there.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, where Governor Scott Walker handily fought off the recall two months ago, the sample is 27R/34D/33I.  That’s some neat trick considering the exit poll in June broke down as 35R/34D/31I. Granted, GOP voters were more enthusiastic in June, but that doesn’t explain and 8-point decline in GOP support now.

Meanwhile, out in Colorado today Obama is resurrecting Democrat mascot Sandra Fluke. Yawn. I guess it’s time to re-engage the War on Limbaugh.


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One Response to “Heavily Slanted CBS Poll Gives Obama Narrow Lead in Virginia and Wisconsin”

  1. msr on 8/08/12 at 12:48 pm

    ??? You keep saying the stats show Independents down 10%. It looks to me like it says “I” is UP 10%.