“He has a need for attention and shows up at every event”

Posted by on Aug 09, 2012 at 8:13 am

This is how I imagine Obama’s post-presidency will go. The insatiable desire for attention even though people can’t stand the sight of him.

For most, a Sunday church service is a moment for peace, worship and reflection — unless Alec Baldwin is in your congregation.

Sources tell us that some of the parishioners at Most Holy Trinity Parish in East Hampton are so sick of Baldwin’s blustering that a group stood up and turned their backs on the hot-tempered star as he gave a reading from the pulpit.

A source told us of the protesting parishioners on July 29: “Alec loves to be the center of attention and often reads from the pulpit, which really annoys some in the congregation. It is so bad that, one recent Sunday, he went up to read, and part of the congregation stood and rudely turned their backs on him.”

The source said, “Even though he has generously given a lot of money to the town, there are people who just don’t like him. He has a need for attention and shows up at every event. When people go to the church, they don’t want to see the movie star up there.”

I’m surprised he didn’t go attack them and berate them for exercising their free speech rights.
One commenter suggested  parishioners whip out their phones and start playing Words With Friends while he’s speaking.


One Response to ““He has a need for attention and shows up at every event””

  1. Gunga on 10/10/12 at 2:37 pm

    Personally, I would pay to see Alec Baldwin read from The Bible. Imagine witnessing Alec Baldwin speaking The Truth! It’s mind boggling! The man not only stepped across the threshold of an honest to goodness church without turning into a smoldering cinder, but managed to read The Word of God? God is so good!