Ha Ha Ha: Hapless Quan to Ask Occupy “Leaders” To Disown Occupy Oakland

Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 at 9:52 pm

Seriously, is this woman really that stupid?

Faced with ever-increasing violence between police and Occupy protesters, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is seeking help from a new source: Occupy Wall Street.

Quan plans to ask leaders of the national Occupy movement to convince their Oakland cohorts to shun violence during their protests over economic inequality, officials said Monday.

Um, I thought this mostly peaceful yet very violent movement was leaderless? Is there a name associated with this mob, other than Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Lizzy Warren, who could be named as “leaders”?
“This splinter group inside Occupy Oakland – the ones who advocate violence – are not in sync with the rest of the movement,” said Sue Piper, Quan’s spokeswoman. “People who have been involved with the national movement – and a lot of people who live in Oakland – are really fed up with this splinter group. This is not what Occupy is supposed to be about.”
Uh, so why doesn’t somebody speak up other than this Piper woman, an obvious sympathizer if not a member herself?
She might have a tough time reaching anyone, though. Occupy Wall Street, like all Occupy offshoots, has no formal leadership and little connection with other Occupy groups. Calls and e-mails from The Chronicle to activists within Occupy Wall Street were not returned Monday.
All of a sudden they’re media-shy.

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2 Responses to “Ha Ha Ha: Hapless Quan to Ask Occupy “Leaders” To Disown Occupy Oakland”

  1. Rob Crawford on 31/31/12 at 9:12 am

    Quan really thinks this isn’t the purpose of the “movement”?

    Why are so many Democrat pols so ignorant?

  2. Blue Hen on 31/31/12 at 12:12 pm

    She may be ignorant, or she may just be trying to backtrack. She made one terrible decision after another, including stabbing the police force in the back and standing by as the city she volunteered to lead was taken over by thugs. Like Bloomburg, she’s trying to pretend that she’s been some even handed leader. She pandered to idiots, and they they are rolling her.