Ha Ha Ha: Democrat Mascot Warren Buffett Claims He’s Not a ‘Card-Carrying Democrat’

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This is almost as funny as claiming his secretary pays more taxes than he does. Really, who knew the fallout from Wisconsin would have card-carrying Democrats fleeing from the party?

Billionaire Warren Buffett may be the poster child for President Obama’s tax plan, but the investment tycoon insists he is not a “card-carrying Democrat.”

“I support certain Republicans,” Buffet told members of Washington, D.C.’s Economic Club Tuesday night. “Actually this year I gave money to a Republican congressman.”

While Buffett didn’t name the recipient of his rare cross-party donation, Federal Election Commission data shows that Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell was the lucky beneficiary.

Buffett gave Rigell the maximum legal campaign donation of $2,500, although that’s substantially less than the $70,000 he has given to help re-elect President Obama over the past two years.

So $70,000 to $2,500: That what’s Democrats call balance.

In actuality, Buffett also lies about “giving” money to Republicans. Here’s the background  with Rigell.

Warren Buffett will be writing a check made out to the United States Treasury for just over $49,000 to help pay down the national debt.

He’s matching voluntary contributions made this year and last year by Rep. Scott Rigell, a Republican representing Virginia.

In a letter to Rep. Rigell released today by Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett writes he’s “particularly impressed that you took this action before my challenge.”

More than a bit self-serving. Rigell put his money up before Buffett ever came up with his stunt, yet now claims he’s giving money to Republicans. Weak.

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