Grim News: We’re Going to Need Another Earth by 2030 or Something

Posted by on May 16, 2012 at 7:55 am

The hysterics are at it again.  Now that the gloom-and-doom prediction of mass extinction by this year have come and gone, the lunatics are giving the planet another 18 years, unless we find another Earth to live on.


Planet Earth in a tight spot.

Mankind is draining the earth’s resources so quickly the globe would be bled dry before the end of the century at this rate, a new report shows.

Humans are living outside their means, depleting natural resources like forests, air and water 50% faster than the planet can renew, according to the 2012 World Wildlife Fund’s “Living Planet Report” released this month.

If the trends aren’t reversed, by 2030 we’d need more than two Planet Earths to sustain human activity, according to the study.

“If we just do business as usual…we’re just going to continue moving in this direction. At some point, the earth’s going to just give out. We don’t know when. But that’s a pretty scary thing to think about,” said Colby Loucks, director of conservation science at WWF. “The question is, we don’t know what the tipping point is.”

Oh noes! The dreaded tipping point! But wait a minute. In on breath they say we’ve got to 2030, then in the next they say “we don’t know when”. Nice of them to give themselves an out there, since when 2030 rolls around they’ll be talking about 2050. Then in 2050, it’ll be extended to 2100. And on and on it will go.
Honestly, is there anyone left out there who believes this crap?

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