Great News: Democrat Operatives Now Stalking Republicans

Posted by on Jul 09, 2012 at 8:20 am

Is it just me or have you have enough of these goons? Time to turn the tables on these bastards.

While most serious campaigns on both sides use campaign trackers — staffers whose job is to record on video every public appearance and statement by an opponent — House Democrats are taking it to another level. They’re now recording video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates and posting the raw footage on the Internet for all to see.

That ratcheting up of the video surveillance game is unnerving Republicans who insist that even by political standards, it’s a gross invasion of privacy. Worse, they say, it creates a safety risk for members of Congress and their families at a time when they are already on edge after a deranged gunman shot former Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords 18 months ago.

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Reid Ribble, who said he’s also been followed by a cameraman when shopping for groceries, said the home videos cross a line.

“I feel it’s totally inappropriate,” said Ribble, a freshman facing a competitive race for reelection. “It was disturbing to me that they would put that online. I don’t understand any political benefit that can be achieved with that.”

In Ribble’s case, a clip of his northeastern Wisconsin home appeared online June 18. The soundless video — which lasts 38 seconds — is taken from a car sitting just outside the house. The shot pans across the large home, showing it from several different angles.

DeaNa Ribble, the congressman’s wife, said it is deeply unsettling.

“I’m more creeped out about this than Reid is, just because I’m home more,” she said. “If they so much as put a foot on private property, I will be the first person to call the police.”

Apparently they want their unhinged supporters to attack these people. That’s what it will come to before long as desperate lefties realize it’s all slipping away.
“I think your family or your personal life should be off-limits unless it enters the campaign,” said Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci, who said a neighbor informed him that a tracker had been crouching in the bushes taking footage of the first-term congressman’s home. “It’s hard for my neighbors or my family to get comfortable when someone is in the bushes.”
If some creep was hiding in my bushes I’d be sure to remind him of the Second Amendment rights, as I locked and loaded.

4 Responses to “Great News: Democrat Operatives Now Stalking Republicans”

  1. House of Kell on 9/09/12 at 9:05 am

    THIS is their version of ‘civility’…they know their going down and their striking out…what do they care if some nutjob goess off and hurts one of these families, that’ll simply give them more full for their gun control mandates…

    IF I were any of these folks being stalked, and stalking this IS, I’d buy asguard dog or 3 and just turn them loose when the retards are hiding in the bushes again!

    Ohio has a ‘stalking by menacing’ law…enforce it!!! Ohio also has ‘stand your ground’ laws which mean I can shoot someone I feel to be a threat to me or mine….now we simply have to define ‘threat’!

  2. MWR on 9/09/12 at 10:10 am

    So when these Republicans’ have their homes burglarized because thieves and home invaders will be able to figure out their daily routines without having to do any onsite surveillance of their own, will the Democrats be the ones who pay to replace everything that’s stolen?

    When these Republicans have their homes invaded and they or their family members are assaulted or worse, will the police charge the Democrats as accessory to a felony?

    They should.

  3. Blue Hen on 9/09/12 at 10:38 am

    The RNC should tie this to the new (and improved!) black panthers posting a bounty and Spike Lee trying to incite attacks by announcing the (wrong) address for Zimmerman. Make them own it. Make them answer it. Add to it the filth and violence that occurred in Wisconsin.

  4. crosspatch on 9/09/12 at 12:10 pm

    The Democrats have become a completely corrupt criminal organization. How any ordinary citizen can align with that party and look themselves in the mirror each day is beyond me.