Gone to the Dogs: Scott Brown Unveils Dog Websites

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012 at 5:38 am

Talk about impeccable timing.

Politics has gone to the dogs.

The bare bones proof? U.S. Sen. Scott Brown yesterday unleashed a new campaign website devoted to his two best friends — the family’s prized pooches — amid an already hairy week that saw presidential campaigns brush aside election-year issues to engage in a classic dogfight.

“These campaigns have gotten so silly that one of the most serious things people have talked about this week is the canine factor,” said Patrick Griffin, a Republican consultant who once advised President George W. Bush. Griffin said campaigns have let the fur fly over the pups because the implication that a politician would harm man’s best friend is “tough. That’s worse than hurting Bambi.”

Brown’s Dog Blog — featuring the family’s Shi-Tzu, named Snuggles, and a Yorkie called Koda — came out hours after Republican top dog Mitt Romney’s campaign sank their canines into news that President Obama dined on dog meat as a child compliments of his stepdad in Indonesia.

Romney’s been hounded by Democrats’ jibes for months for admitting he drove the wife and kids to Canada in the early 1980s with the family pooch on the roof. The hurtful nips included Obama aide David Axelrod’s tweeting of a photo of the president riding with Bo in the limo: “How loving owners transport their dogs.”

On news that O bit dog, Romney’s top campaign strategist Eric Fehrnstrom tweeted, “In hindsight, a chilling photo.”

Romney dismissed the doggy dustup yesterday, telling a conservative talk show host, “This campaign is going to ultimately become about jobs, not dogs.”

Democratic consultant Mary Ann Marsh said Brown — facing Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren — is trying to avoid raising the hackles of dog lovers the way Romney did.

“With Mitt Romney in the doghouse, Scott Brown decided to start playing ruff,” she quipped.

That joke  should go over as well and Granny McBotox swimming in Wall Street money. Meanwhile, if your dish isn’t full enough of dog news


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