Girl Caught in Crossfire Shooting at Little Rock MLK Parade

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 at 12:52 pm

I suspect those responsible aren’t living up to Dr. King’s message of peaceful nonviolence.

Police are investigating the shooting of a young girl after the MLK marade in downtown Little Rock.

Police say a group of girls got into a fight at the MLK parade in downtown Little Rock. The girls moved their argument to an alley at Wolfe and Battery near 18th Street.

The girls tell police then a silver car and a pickup truck pulled into one end of the alley. The girls say someone in one of the vehicles started firing at people at the other end of the alley and the girls say they were caught in the crossfire because they were in the middle.

The girls say the shooting didn’t have to do with them. Lt. Terry Hastings with LRPD says this story varies from what police were told earlier.

H/T Monty.

Here’s a video report:

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