Getting Ugly: Democrat Loretta Sanchez Called “HOT MESS!!” in Campaign Ad

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This guy is a political neophyte running as a Republican in this Southern California district. Now while the “hot mess” line is amusing (see around 1:30 into the video clip), using machine gun fire while the ad says “take Loretta Sanchez out” isn’t the brightest idea.

In the end it likely won’t matter since he’s facing an uphill battle in a heavily Democratic district.

In the video, bits of Ms. Sanchez’s response are repeated multiple times as text flashes across the screen saying she “makes $173,000 a year” and the sounds of a shouting, angry mob play in the background. The words “HOT MESS!!” also flashes across the screen twice as the MSNBC clip plays.

Following the MSNBC footage, the machine gun animation plays for the second time before more footage of Mr. Robles standing in front of the restaurant criticizing his opponent.

“She doesn’t understand that, to create jobs, is to reduce the regulations and startup fees and, as your congressional representative, that’s what I plan to do,” says Mr. Robles.

The ad continues with photos of Mr. Robles and footage of him meeting with local business people. For the grand finale, the machine gun animation plays one final time.

On his campaign website, Mr. Robles describes himself as having a “career in law enforcement.” He is a first-time candidate running as a Republican. In California’s 38th District, which is located in the Los Angeles metro area, Republicans and Democrats primary against each other with the top two vote-getters moving on to the general election. Another first-time Republican candidate, Benjamin Campos is also running against Ms. Sanchez. The district leans heavily Democratic, so Ms. Sanchez, who began serving in the House of Representatives is highly likely to win re-election, but she will probably have to face off against Mr. Robles or Mr. Campos in the general election.

Goodness knows what gems Robles will come up with if he survives the primary. Here’s the clip.

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