Former Tea Party Leader Suspected of Sex Assault; Update: No Affiliation with Tea Party

Posted by on Mar 18, 2012 at 11:45 am

Unlike all the rapes at Occupy Wall Street encampments, this story gets a blaring headline.  Even though this perp is on hiatus from the Tea Party, he’s called a leader.

Police arrested a prominent local political activist in connection to a recent Fiesta Island sex assault on Thursday.

Michael Kobulnicky, the public relations spokesperson for the San Diego Tea Party, was arrested Thursday afternoon in front of his home, according to Lt. Anastasia Smith with the San Diego Police Department.

Kobulnicky is accused of a Feb. 25 abduction and sexual assault of a 56-year-old woman who was walking home near Linda Vista Rd. in Fiesta Island. The woman was pulled into a car and assaulted, then left on the island, police said.

Surveillance footage of the area near the assault gave police evidence to pursue a suspect. They released a picture of the suspect to the public, and many identified the suspect as Kobulnicky.

They manage to get to the fact he’s no longer associated with the tea party in the last paragraph of the story.

A statement from the San Diego Tea Party said Kabulnicky has been on haitus since January for personal reasons and has been relieved from his Tea Party duties during legal proceedings.

“Our hearts and our thoughts go out to the victim,” read the statement.

They express support for the alleged victim, unlike in the OWS cases where they go to absurd lengths to pretend the Occupy rapists have nothing to do with them.
Update:  Hmmm.

Accused Rapist, Michael John Kobulnicky, Not Spokesperson, Member, or Volunteer for Original San Diego Tea Party Organizers, So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition

So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition (SCTRC) is the original home and organizers of San Diego tea party events and activism, including the first local tea party on February 27th, 2009, annual Tax Day Tea Parties, and over 40 rallies, protests, petition drives, film screenings, and educational seminars.

We are not affiliated with, nor have we worked with the newer organization titled “San Diego Tea Party.” We are not familiar with self-proclaimed “spokesperson” for that organization, Michael John Kobulnicky of Lemon Grove. He has never been an organizer, speaker, or volunteer for our company or events. We do not know what his actual involvement is with the other tea party organization. We are not familiar with the Mission Valley Tea Party that Kobulnicky reported to have founded.


6 Responses to “Former Tea Party Leader Suspected of Sex Assault; Update: No Affiliation with Tea Party”

  1. Blue Hen on 18/18/12 at 7:38 pm

    Ah, the prospect of rape and violence has lured out the vermin. That’s it kids. Ignore the rioting and the rape tents. Keep up the pornographic terms; that’s the new civility your dear leader wanted, right?

  2. tyrannoman on 18/18/12 at 8:51 pm

    that’s right Tea Party, keep playing the victim card. Poor us, the media’s always wrong, woe is me. Bad people are in every walk of life, & political affiliation has nothing to do with it. Just because guy worked for the Tea Party doesn’t make them responsible for his actions, & “rape tent”? God the right is willfully ignorant of the true world

  3. Blue Hen on 19/19/12 at 8:09 am

    yeah, because there were never rape tents. And none of the mostly peaceful protesters ever tried to pressure people to not report attacks to the police. They didn’t try attacking police either. Or crapping on cop cars. But it’s the right that’s ignorant. Got it.