Former SEAL Compares Obama to Chairman Mao

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 at 8:23 am

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But dare to criticize Dear Leader and it’s open season on you.

The chief spokesman of a group of former U.S. special operations and intelligence officers attacking the Obama campaign’s national security record compared the president to former Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong.

Ben Smith, a former Navy SEAL and spokesman for the supposedly bipartisan Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, made the claim on his Facebook page shortly after the president’s State of the Union address in January.

“This speech was given by the Heir Communist-in-Chief Hussein Mao-bama,” Smith wrote on the social networking website shortly after President Obama’s address.

Smith also said the president was “an impostor,” a Muslim and a “Manchurian candidate” who should “go back to the country you were born in,” according to the post.

In previous posts, Smith noted the Obama administration was in the process of building a “caliphate through the incrementalism of Socialism,” using to the term favored by al Qaeda and other terror groups regarding the establishment of a new worldwide Islamic empire.

Such comments underscore the fund’s recent efforts to discredit the Obama administration’s defense and national security bona fides.

You can probably safely criticize the guy without the birther talk since that’s all the media is going to focus on when and if they give this group any attention.

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