For America’s future, The Post endorses Mitt Romney for president

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 at 7:28 am

America needs more than hope. It needs leadership. That is why The Post today endorses the candidacy of Mitt Romney for president of the United States.

Scrape it down to bedrock, and Mitt Romney knows that there is but one issue in this campaign: America’s woeful economy, and the demonstrated inability of President Obama to cope with it.

Obama says he inherited the mess, but he’s done nothing to fix it. Borrow, spend, regulate and redistribute is not a prescription for sustainable growth, yet that has been the totality of his program.

He says things will get better — soon. But there’s no evidence for that.

Obamanomics has produced:

* A sky-high national debt, now at a stupefying $16 trillion and growing.

* Intractable unemployment and a workforce hemorrhaging discouraged workers.

* No perceptible economic growth.

* Historic expansion in welfare programs — especially food stamps.

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