Five Reasons Stephanie Cutter is Obama’s Worst Press Secretary

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 at 9:26 am

A cavalcade of televised blunders has marked Cutter’s stint as a prominent Obama surrogate.

What’s more, Glenn Thrush reports in the e-book “Obama’s Last Stand: Playbook 2012” that Cutter’s tenure has not been smooth in Chicago, either.

“Aggresiveness and persistence were Cutter’s calling cards,” Thrush writes. “Even people who liked her found her tough to work with in the heat of a campaign.”

Arguments between Cutter and senior campaign adviser David Axelrod have become so heated, in fact, that the two “were barely on speaking terms” after Axelrod perceived Cutter “being too aggressive” and “overstepping her authority as a deputy,” according to aides.

Cutter’s rise has occurred despite the fact that she is a reliable source for campaign blunders.

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