Feminist Douchebag Calls For Katy Perry Boycott Over Marines Video

Posted by on Mar 30, 2012 at 9:24 am

Frankly, I could care less for Katy Perry and her music, but if her latest video is annoying the idiotic Naomi Wolf, count me as her newest fan.

A feminist writer has slammed Katy Perry for transforming herself into a U.S. Marine in the video for her single, ‘Part of Me’.

Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, says the images of the singer dressed as a soldier ‘glorify violence’ and has called for a boycott of her music.

Miss Perry claims the video for the song, which is about a painful break-up, is a celebration of female empowerment and an ‘affirmation of strength’.

She called the tribute to servicewomen one of the most aggressive videos I have ever done’.

But Miss Wolf, one of the many who were arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests last year, is urging Americans to boycott the singer, according to Fox News.

Miss Wolf labelled the video ‘a total piece of propaganda for the Marines.’

‘I really want to find out if she was paid by them for making it,’ the activist wrote on her Facebook page.

‘It is truly shameful… I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked – if you are as offended as this glorification of violence as I am.’

Hollywood publicist Angie Meyer said: ‘Naomi Wolf is a living, breathing contradiction. Her anti-military sentiments against the men and women fighting to defend the freedoms she exercises regularly, speech and protest, is absurd and disturbingly disgraceful.

Glenn Selig, from The Publicity Agency, said Miss Wolf’s attack had backfired.

‘In her efforts to boycott the video Naomi Wolf has brought more attention to it,’ he said.

Which is what always happens when these lefty snots call for a boycott. See Rush Limbaugh as just one recent example. Naomi Wolf has no discernible talent other than saying stupid things. Trying to get some attention on the back of others is all she’s got left.

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3 Responses to “Feminist Douchebag Calls For Katy Perry Boycott Over Marines Video”

  1. TimHarkey on 30/30/12 at 9:33 am

    Fantastic smackdown by the Hollywood Publicist; I wish there were more like her in Hollywood.

  2. Blue Hen on 30/30/12 at 9:36 am

    Cue Naomi to demand a boycott of the new (and improved!) black panthers and their glorification of violence in 3….2…..1….

  3. Smorkler on 31/31/12 at 8:04 am

    See, this is where I have a problem with the new feminism. Katy Perry produces a video (teenaged dream) that has her looking like the poster child (no pun intended), for child pornography, marketing to pedophiles, and feminists are silent. somehow, they view this as ’empowering’?? Not getting it. Can someone explain this to me? Especially in light of a Perry video actually representing true empowerment, breaking through a male dominated and respected service of the armed forces, and feminists are threatened and outraged. This ironic position by feminists is the true definition of cognitive dissonance. I don’t know how feminism still remains relevant with such backward core beliefs.