FBI called in over climate change mole

Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 at 9:24 pm

Gleick posed online as a board member of the libertarian group to pry embarrassing emails and internal funding reports which ended up online this month. He also is suspected of writing a sensationally mistake-filled “strategy memo” based on the emails and posted online. The Pacific Institute’s board has expressed concern about the case.

Heartland is also seeking legal action, both criminal and civil. Still, they are stumped at why he tried espionage to attack Heartland when he had been invited to publicly challenge climate change doubters at an upcoming benefit dinner. He didn’t RSVP.

The case could turn nasty. Heartland wants Gleick penalized, even jailed. Gleick, his career in tatters, wants to take Heartland down by outing its wealthy anonymous donor and probing ties to supportive lawmakers.

Said Gleick’s lawyer John Keker, “Heartland no doubt will seek to exploit Dr. Gleick’s admitted lapse in judgement in order to further its agenda in the ongoing debate about climate change, but if it wants to pursue this matter legally, it will learn that our legal system provides for a level playing field.” Keker added, “Dr. Gleick looks forward to using discovery to understand more about the veracity of the documents, lay bare the implications of Heartland’s propaganda plans and, in particular, determine once and for all who is truly behind Heartland and why.”

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One Response to “FBI called in over climate change mole”

  1. NateDogg614 on 24/24/12 at 8:14 am

    And the left considers this guy to be a whistleblower and a hero (and perhaps a martyr, depending on what happens with this case).

    Frankly, if global warming/climate change is happening (and it may very well be, then again it might not) I a NOT convinced that it is the fault of caucasian conservative Americans and western nations and their unwillingness to cede their freedoms for a bunch of socialistic environmental programs that cost a boatload of money concocted by elitist scientists, Democrat politicians, and Al Gore.