Fawning Fluff: Michelle Obama’s book earns a ‘thumbs-up’ from her daughters

Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 at 3:22 pm

Yeah, as if the kids would tell their mother her book sucks.

Michelle Obama signed copies of her new book Tuesday, and revealed at the event that the hefty tome on the White House vegetable garden earned a hard-won “thumbs-up” from her daughters Malia and Sasha.

“The book American Grown is everything I would have imagined,” the first lady said at the book-signing event. “I wanted the book to be beautiful and I think that the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I could tell because when Malia and Sasha picked it up — you know, it’s ‘Mom, it’s like, oh, your book, how nice.’ They actually got pulled in by the pictures. They couldn’t put it down and they started looking through it and then they started reading it. And eventually I got actually a thumbs up.”

Obama said at the event that it was “my first book and my very first and probably only book signing.

The book signing itself, hosted at a Barnes & Noble in Washington, D.C., was difficult to pull off due to security requirements. Those hoping to get a signed book were required to submit their social security number and photo ID as well as pre-purchase a copy of the book on location the Friday before the event and leave it at the store. Those efforts though did not guarantee the book would actually be signed, according to Eddie Gehman Kohan at the blog Obama Foodorama.

Your book may not be signed, but you’re sure to wind up on an Obama mailing list looking for money. Funny, but he Democrats will do anything to avoid having voter ID laws, including suing states that dare to employ them. But you need a photos ID and Social Security number just to have this fraud sign her book.


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