Epitome Of The Judicial Process Issues A No Confidence Vote On US Justice

Posted by on Mar 23, 2012 at 8:08 am

I’m sure this will come as a shock to some, but those bastions of jurist prudence the Taliban have issued a statement saying they have no confidence in the American judicial system to do the right thing in the case of the soldier now charged in the deaths of civilians in Afghanistan.

Yeah, I know, I found this rebuke hard to take also, and I am sure the fine folks on the UN Human Rights Commission are at this very moment licking their lips eager to get involved in this case. I mean the Taliban have been such a model of justice over the years and we could all only hope to achieve the same level of professionalism they have displayed in all of their “trials”. Like the one they held for Daniel Pearl. And Jack Hensley. And Eugene Armstrong.

The only thing that would make the Taliban satisfied quite frankly is a video tape of the soldier bound hand and foot to a steel chair with a hood over his head to hide the obvious signs of torture with a long sonorous monologue by one their “fearless” leaders just before they rip the hood off and brutally and horrifically saw through his neck with knife in a gory display of human butchering. It won’t make them happy. Nothing makes the Taliban happy. They are the most miserable bunch of human debris to ever grace the planet.

But hey, all you media types go ahead an run with this story as if the rest of the civilized world could give two farts in a wind tunnel what the Taliban thinks.

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