Deval Patrick: First Gay President’s Gay Marriage Stance Isn’t Politics or Anything

Posted by on May 14, 2012 at 7:30 am
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A desperate political ploy in the middle of what shapes up to be a difficult re-election campaign simply is coming from the heart or something. And I’ve got some prime waterfront real estate in Kansas for you.

Gov. Deval Patrick insisted before a national TV audience yesterday that President Obama’s sudden endorsement of same-sex marriage was “about convictions … not about politics,” but there was little indication he convinced anyone — even advocates who support his message, while political pundits dismissed it as so much election-year spin.

“This is about politics, of course it is,” said Tom Lang of the gay marriage advocacy group Know Thy Neighbor, although he added that he appreciates Patrick’s effort to frame it as a human rights issue. “The governor’s taking the conversation to where it should be. It’s about fellow human beings who are American citizens that need to be treated equally. … I applaud the governor for saying it.”

Former state Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei, a North Shore candidate for Congress who is openly gay, countered that Obama’s sudden reversal of his gay marriage stance under pressure was fraught with both politics and political mismanagement.

Clearly it was all about politics, which is the unfortunate part about it,” Tisei said. Obama “didn’t do this three years ago or two years ago or even a year ago, it was done six months before an election. In a way it does more harm than good. What we heard all week was people talking about how it would help him or hurt him politically, as opposed to the merits of the issue.”

It’s plain for anyone with a functioning brain to see it’s all about politics. So that explains why Patrick can’t see it.

Pundits said Patrick’s seemingly earnest insistence was as credible as Captain Renault being “shocked, shocked” to hear there is gambling at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.

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