Detroit Judge Texts Topless Photo to Bailiff: ‘I’ve got no shame in my game’

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 at 9:55 am

Well, this is Detroit, so it’ll probably be a resume enhancer.

A Detroit judge from a legendary legal family is probably wishing he kept his black robe on.

Third Circuit Judge Wade McCree, who specializes in sexual misconduct cases, admitted he texted a shirtless photo of himself to his bailiff’s cellphone, where her husband found it.

“Hot dog, yep that’s me,” McCree told Charlie LeDuff, a former New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who now reports for MyFoxDetroit. “I’ve got no shame in my game. I ain’t talked to nobody else’s wife … There’s nothing nude about it. I’m in no more clothes than I’ll be at the Y this afternoon when I swim my mile.”

Nice to know this guy is barely literate, not to mention a complete idiot.

Despite the judge’s lack of shame, the husband of the unidentified woman — a court bailiff in Detroit — told that his wife received the “highly inappropriate” photo from McCree directly.

The angry husband has filed a complaint with Michigan’s Judicial Tenure Commission, which declined to comment when contacted by on Tuesday, citing confidentiality requirements imposed by Michigan courts.  It is not clear what penalty — if any — the married McCree faces for sending the photograph.

“He’s looked upon as being some great figure, but if you look at the picture, you see what he’s really about,” the woman’s husband told LeDuff. “He’s not what he appears to be … What kind of a man would send this to a married woman?”

A very stupid one.


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