Democrats Now Asking for Money If You Support Obama or Something

Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 at 7:32 pm

The email solicitations just never stop with this crew.

If you’re planning to support President Obama’s second term agenda, then we need your support immediately.

Republicans in Congress have lined up to block any “Fiscal Cliff” deal with the White House. Now, middle class Americans could see their taxes increase by $2,000 on January 1st unless Boehner and the Republicans back down from their extreme stance. This mindless Republican obstruction has to stop.

Jammie — click this personalized link to make your contribution of $3 or more today.

Your donation will help us call out Republicans for putting millionaire tax breaks and corporate special interests before the middle class. If we can reach 25,000 new members supporting President Obama’s agenda before the year-end deadline, it will send a blistering message to Boehner and the Republicans.

Will you chip in $3 to renew your 2013 membership?

Thank you,

Democratic Headquarters

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