Delusional Pelosi: “Let me say about President Obama, he was a job creator from Day One”

Posted by on May 30, 2012 at 8:55 am

Dear God, the Botox has infected this woman’s brain. Not only is she living in some bizarro fantasy world regarding the failed president’s abysmal jobs record, she even believes six Supreme Court justices will vote to uphold ObamaCare.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that she expects the U.S. Supreme Court next month to uphold President Barack Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act.

“We believe that this bill constitutionally is ironclad,” she told a crowd of about 550 at a Commonwealth Club event at the Fairmont Hotel. “I expect a 6-3 ‘aye’ verdict from the Supreme Court.”

Pelosi, whose discussion with the club was meant to commemorate her 25th anniversary in Congress, said the law is among her proudest legislative accomplishments. More than 80 million Americans — young people allowed to remain on their parents’ policies, children with pre-existing conditions, people availing themselves of preventive care — already have benefited from its provisions, she said.

She’s been there 25 years? It only seems longer. She should become the poster child for term limits.

Apparently they were serving hard liquor at this shindig, since she became even more incoherent as the day wore on.

Asked about Democrats’ chances of retaking the House this November, she replied, “If it were today, I think it would be about 50-50.” But she sounded a more optimistic, defiant note during a press gaggle after the speech.

“The president will talk about his record; we will echo what he says and it will be a winning message,” she told reporters, adding that strong support from women voters will “lead the way to a great Democratic victory.”

Added Pelosi: “Let me say about President Obama, he was a job creator from Day One.”

The Recovery Act economic stimulus included clean-energy sector investments similar to those received by Solyndra, a now-bankrupt Fremont solar manufacturer.

Asked about Republican criticisms of such investments, Pelosi replied that “with these kinds of initiatives, some succeed and some do not,” but overall the stimulus successfully brought the unemployment rate far down from the heights to which Republican policies had sent it.

Huh? Um, during Obama’s first two years following the stimulus, with a Democrat House and Senate, the unemployment rate skyrocketed. Does this women have any clue how idiotic she sounds?

For the record, the unemployment rate in Janaury 2009 was 7.6%. In November 2010, when Pelosi lost power, it was 9.8%.

But Obama was a jobs creator from day one or something.


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