Delusional Obama: “Most people agree with us”

Posted by on Jun 02, 2012 at 10:13 am

Actualy, most people agree this chump is a one-term loser. Fresh off his grueling day of six fundraisers and a crashing economy, the failed president is back in Chicago. For three more fundraisers.

President Obama is back in his adopted hometown tonight for three campaign fundraisers and an overnight stay (sans family) in his private home on the city’s South Side.

“It’s good to be back home. I’m sleeping in my bed tonight. I’m going to go to my kitchen and might cook something. Putter in my backyard,” Obama joked before a crowd of 350 donors at the Chicago Cultural Center. “The White House is nice, but I’m just leasing.”

Obama said he wants to extend that lease for another four years, and argued that voters in November will need to weigh a stark choice before giving him the opportunity.

“The choice in this election will be between a vision that didn’t work in 2000-2008. Didn’t work before the Great Depression. The Gilded Age. We’ve seen this philosophy before. But usually we’ve come to our senses. We see that’s not how democracy is built.”

“That’s the vision we’re going to have to confront and address in this election,” he said. “The good news is when you cut through the noise and just ask people, most people agree with us.”

As for blaming all his problems on Bush, he had the audacity to utter this:

“Frankly, it makes it easier for the other guys,” he added. “All they have to say is, ‘You know what? You’re frustrated that things aren’t where they need to be and it’s Obama’s fault.’”

He should know how easy it is to blame others.

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